The second EQSI Colloquium will take place on Tuesday, May 16, 17:00 CET with a talk "Quantum divide and conquer" by Andrew M. Childs.

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(Meeting ID: 917 4657 5742 - Passcode: 170827)

The divide-and-conquer framework, used extensively in classical algorithm design, recursively breaks a problem into smaller subproblems, along with some auxiliary work, to give a recurrence relation for the classical complexity. We describe a quantum divide-and-conquer framework that, in certain cases, yields quantumspeedup through an analogous recurrence relation for the quantum query complexity. We apply this framework to obtain near-optimal quantum query complexities for various string problems, such as (i) recognizing regular languages; (ii) decision versions of String Rotation and String Suffix; and natural parameterized versions of (iii) Longest Increasing Subsequence and (iv) Longest Common Subsequence.

Based on joint work with Robin Kothari, Matt Kovacs-Deak, Aarthi Sundaram, and Daochen Wang (arXiv:2210.06419).

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