Education @ Copenhagen

University of Copenhagen offers a M.Sc. programme in Quantum Information Science. The programme that is offered jointly with the Technical University of Denmark will accept the first class of incoming students in September 2023. The programme has an interdisciplinary focus on the connections between Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics. The programme covers both the software and hardware aspects of quantum information and gives the students the opportunity to specialise within theory, experiments or technology. The programme is a part of the EU consortium DigiQ.

Education @ Munich

Munich is home to vibrant research community in quantum technologies with several large-scale initiatives including the Munich Center for Quantum Science and Technology (MCQST) and the Munich Quantum Valley. Education is a key focus. Together with the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU), the Technical University of Munich (TUM) offers an M.Sc. programme in Quantum Science and Technology. The Max-Planck Institute for Quantum Optics, together with LMU and TUM, provide a graduate programme called the International Max-Planck Research School for Quantum Science and Technology.

Additional initiatives include, for example, the MCQST Summer Bachelor Programme.

Education @ Riga

University of Latvia offers introductory and advanced courses in quantum algorithms and software on both undergraduate and graduate level. Within the Latvian Quantum Technologies Initiative, a set of four study modules is developed, with two modules on quantum software at the Faculty of Computing, University of Latvia, a module on quantum devices at the Department of Physics, University of Latvia, and a module on quantum communication at the Riga Technical University. The first of these modules will be offered in the 2023/2024 academic year. Workshops on quantum programming for high school students and general public are offered through the QWorld initiative, for audiences in Latvia and abroad.

Education @ Paris

1) Sorbonne University opened in 2021 a master's programme dedicated to Quantum Information. The programme is divided into two main specialties in the first year (physics and computer science) with a common core in the second year.

The computer science first year programme is dedicated to teaching recent research results in quantum algorithmic, quantum cryptography, photonic quantum computing and quantum information theory, while the physics one includes general training in algorithmic complexity theory and in information theory (Shannon theory). The joint second year programme addresses both software and hardware state of the art lectures on quantum information, allowing for a complete overview of the domain and providing students with a unique joint background.

2) The Graduate School of Quantum Technologies at Université Paris Cité trains students through a solid knowledge base in the fields of quantum information and technology. With the developed skills, students will be offered many opportunities in this rapidly expanding field, from the business world to research via doctoral studies.

Education @ Amsterdam

Overview of current education activities in Amsterdam

At the University of Amsterdam, we are currently offering one BSc (Introduction to Quantum Computing by Māris Ozols) and three MSc courses (Quantum Computing by Ronald de Wolf, Quantum Information Theory by Māris Ozols and Jonas Helsen, Quantum in Business and Society by Koen Groenland and Kareljan Schoutens).

From the next academic year 2023/24, we will start up several new courses (Introduction to Q Hardware by Arghavan Safavi, Advanced Q algorithms by Stacey Jeffery, Advanced Q Information Theory by Ludovico Lami, Quantum Cryptography by Christian Schaffner and Florian Speelman), who will form the backbone of a new master's programme in Quantum Computer Science, which is expected to start in 2024/25.

At the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam, a new 2-year professional MSc programme Applied Quantum Computing is under development.

In the context of the innovation hub Quantum.Amsterdam, we are offering quantum education for professionals such as the workshop General Awareness Quantum Computing and more specialised courses. Also, we organise regular meetups with parties from industry and government that are interested in quantum technology.

We have developed a webclass for high-school students called the Quantum Quest, which we run once a year for both local and international participants among which students from the African Institute for Mathematical Science (AIMS).

Education @ Lisbon

PQI – Portuguese Quantum Institute is involved in project DigiQ, the first European-wide master's programme in Quantum Science and Technology. It is also very active in scientific outreach, namely through its involvement in the World Quantum Day – 14 April.