EQSI Colloquium will take place on Tuesday, April 23, 17:00 CET with a talk "From Quantum in Pictures to Quantum Advantage for Interpretable AI" by Bob Coecke.

Join us on Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/93369412794?pwd=Zk45QkFtamZEMnNPaTlKR2xuVUhRZz09

From Quantum in Pictures to Quantum Advantage for Interpretable AI

This talk requires no particular technical background. We start with an overview of the history of the quantum formalism and fundamental quantum concepts, leading into the quantum picturalism program [1, 2, 3], the use of which has recently become wide-spread in quantum industry.  At the same time, we report on compelling empirical evidence on its educational value [4].  Meanwhile, some governments around the world are already starting to adopt Quantum in Pictures [3] as a basis for secondary school quantum education.

One particular new application that has emerged from quantum picturalism is interpretable quantum AI [5].  Basically, linguistic structures have canonical representations as quantum processes: one could say that language is quantum-native, a bit like chemistry.  The same analogy also has resulted in BQP-hard quantum algorithms for things like question-answering [6].   We also have experimental demonstrations of these on our H2 quantum computers [7], where in particular we witness `compositional generalisation’ when training, hence avoiding issues many QML approaches have to deal with.  We end with a musical note [8].

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